Annual Events in Online Communities

Halloween at Disneyland
Disneyland with friends

Disney’s Halloween event, Haunted Happenings in Salem, friends gathering for a scary night, and kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood… What’s the common denominator? Halloween is an annual event that compels many people to visit certain places, meet other people, and do things they don’t usually do. Annual events (Valentine’s, Easter, Carnivals, Saint Patrick’s, Independence day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and many others) help people connect with the history and cultural richness of a community.

This kind of events makes people feel special and welcomed in offline and online communities. It makes people visit more often and engage in social interactions. Online communities (including online games) have to make their users feel that they belong. Make them feel like they are missing something special if they don’t log on. For instance, a Halloween event in which the players have to group together and gather candy from various NPC’s, completing quests or killing monsters/enemies. After a period of time, they can exchange candy for a new armor, potions or maybe TRICKS (to fool other players).

But don’t forget to change and add more events. Halloween comes every year but we don’t usually do exactly the same thing. Avoid event fatigue and keep it fun.

Gretchen Ortiz