Gamification against procrastination

Whenever I need a plan or guidance to get back on track (after vacations or major event), I use task managing or productivity apps. I accept that sometimes I have a problem with procrastination and gamification is the key.

Productivity/Reward apps have been great for me. It’s the gamification of life. When I do some tasks (quests) I get rewards. I’m a gamer so I quickly understood what the gameplay mechanics could do for me. Of course, there’s always a way to hack the system, meaning lying to yourself. These apps help with self-control and time management if you follow the rules.

Productivity Points: This app needed a major update and now it’s no longer available. It kept track of tasks, added/subtracted from the total of points earned, and listed “customizable” prizes or rewards. However, the syncing and calculations of points were not working as expected. —

EpicWin App

Epic Win: This is a great app that “gamifies” to-do lists but doesn’t give users the ability to add real life rewards. It nice to Level Up within the app but I also want to gain something in RL given that my tasks are real life tasks. The app has not been updated since January, 2013 —

Still searching for the perfect Anti-procrastinators to-do list app!! I might have to design it.

Gretchen Ortiz