Windows 8: A learning experience

Windows 8 for Dummies

I’ve been using Windows 8 for two months. Everything that I learn about Windows new OS is by personal experience using my laptop or by searching the web when frustrations become anger. Yes, it’s entertaining. I like learning new tricks but there’s so much to learn and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Here are some of my struggles:

–Time has made me less worried about a “Start” button and I’ve learned to live without it.

–I’ve discovered that if I move the cursor over the screen to the left-bottom corner a “Metro Start” thumbnail will appear. Left clicking on it will move users to the Metro start screen. A right click will show users a list of maintenance or management features (run, search, control panel, and others) I still need more time to know if this feature will be useful as I keep using the search feature by pressing the Window key and typing what I want). I just realized that I’m using Windows 8 the same way I “navigate” hard-to-understand websites, by using their search!

–About the Search. Sometimes I wish I could still be on my desktop (or at least be able to see it) while using the windows search. I still haven’t figure out how to do this or if it’s even possible.

Screen shot of power options in Windows 8 while sitting in front of laptop.
Screen shot of power options in Windows 8 while sitting in front of the laptop.

–Last night I stood up from my chair and said to myself: “Enough for today, I need to sleep”. I tried to shut down my laptop while looking at it from a standing position. I don’t usually use the cursor to shut down or restart my laptop. I press the Window key + I (shortcut for Settings), use the arrow keys to look for Power, press Enter, use arrow keys to select shut down, and press Enter. By the way, why is it so hard to shut down my laptop? So, while I was standing up I just couldn’t figure out what option was being selected. The gray hover effect (over the selected option) turned transparent. This is something that happens in many OS’s (not just Windows 8), software, and apps. It is related to the viewing angle and the laptop screen but still, this is something that designers need to take into account when their OS’s are being used on laptops.

Screen Shot of power options of Windows 8 while standing up.
Screen Shot of power options of Windows 8 while standing up.

– So much to learn. Today I learned    to use Alt +f4 to shut down more efficiently. It’s the best short-cut ever. And the shutdown options are viewable while being at any angle! However, it only works while being on the desktop. I’ll keep learning.

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—- Gretchen Ortiz